Codependency & Sex Addiction


As you work with Dr. Raboniwitz, you’ll learn to love and to trust both yourself and your partner again.
Dr. Toni Rabinowitz provides counseling for individuals and couples seeking help with codependency and sex addiction.

Sexual Addiction

Partners of sex addicts is Toni Rabinowitz’s specialty. Counseling can be provided individually or in a couples therapy model. Dealing with a partner or spouse who has a hidden or secret life of compulsive pornography use, cyber chatting or sexual acting out forms the basis for sex addiction. All of these behaviors, when discovered, can destroy basic trust.

We work on how to reconstruct your life as you rebuild trust in yourself. When you have strategies to create personal security, then you can create a “safe zone.”


Codependency is a behavior pattern that is learned early on in life. From the outside, it looks as if the person is cool, competent, collected and always able to cope in any crisis. The problem is that people who chronically or habitually over function this way become angry, exhausted and confused. They don’t understand why everyone around them under-functions and is never available for them.

The over-functioning also feels to others (children, spouses, partners, colleagues) as if they are being controlled. The pattern escalates. Codependents don’t realize where their “helping” behavior comes from. Typically, spouses of addicts have many of these traits. They suffer from low self esteem, lack of self care-taking, fear of letting go and allowing what happens to happen. They are often people very involved with pleasing others, while receiving little or no recognition. They often suffer from low level depression and internal feelings of helplessness. They often feel lonely and alone, but have no idea why. They often unknowingly push others away.

Treatment for codependency centers around letting go of control, finding appropriate support and learning how to recognize how those patterns affect their choices. You can regain your own energy!

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