Infertility Counseling


Dr. Rabinowitz fully understands the sensitivity of this topic and the problems and stresses that it can cause both an individual and a couple. Infertility, Gestational Surrogates, Ovum Donors, and More.
Infertility counseling is one of Dr. Rabinowitz specialties. She provides counseling for individuals and couples seeking help with the problems, stresses and coping of infertility issues.

Dr. Rabinowitz has extensive experience providing infertility counseling and psychological screening services for couples, egg donors and surrogates. Dr Rabinowitz has years of experience working with ovum donors, gestational surrogates and couples dealing with similar issues.

“Infertility is a special niche of mine. I have worked extensively with individuals and couples who are working through the process, both personally and as a family. Infertility creates an emotional rollercoaster for all involved and sometimes it is helpful to have someone with some understanding of the complexity of all of it. I have also worked with ovum donors, and gestational surrogates and families who are on that part of the path.” – Dr. Toni Rabinowitz

Please contact Dr. Rabinowitz to learn more about coping and dealing with infertility issues.