Relationship health serves as one of the strongest underpinnings of overall mental and physical well-being. When we feel increasing distance or tension with the person whom we love as a romantic partner, this can discolor much of our lives. My name is Dr. Toni Rabinowitz and I have worked for over 20 years in the Chapel Hill area and also in my native California to help couples find ways to reinvigorate their relationships. Many of my clients deal with the difficulties inherent in infertility. I work with them to find various options that could help. Although known as a couples counselor, I have also helped others with emotional and other challenges to find ways to cope and even thrive.

Caring and Compassionate Couples Counseling

Couples face challenges today that are completely unique to our era. Work and family life take up more time than in generations past, often leaving a couple wondering where their commitment to each other fits in to the big picture. Social life, the internet, and even business interactions can lead to increasing distractions and result in increasing distance between people who love each other. Other couples struggle to take on issues that threaten their relationship’s future, such as addiction, recovery, and co-dependency issues. My wide experience with couples experiencing serious problems and obstacles helps me to better develop the best solutions to get struggling couples on the right path. Too many couples work hard at maintaining or restoring their relationship but fail. They often lack the tools to help them restore trust, love, and all of the vital elements of a healthy relationship.

Ways In Which Dr. Rabinowitz Helps Her Clients

I specialize in treating some of the most difficult conditions that make individuals and couples feel vulnerable. Many behave in ways that hurt others and themselves without knowing why. Through working with my patients, we discover important issues such as triggers and responses, as well as how to rebuild trust.

Infertility Counseling

Infertility can cause pain, heartbreak, frustration, and even resentment. I work with couples to go over their options on how best to have a child. Also, I work to help couples to get past the hurt when no option presents itself.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Relationships need constant attention and work to succeed, but oftentimes, one or both partners lose their way. I work with married and unmarried couples to help to discover the problem points, how to deal with them in a way that benefits both, and how to develop a plan for relationship success going forward.

Individual Counseling

While much of my work focuses on helping couples to restore relationships, I also work with many individuals. Studies show that individuals today struggle more than ever to make connections and achieve happiness. I work with patients to help them to better engage others, working on their interactions and other capabilities.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Therapy

While social acceptance of these lifestyles has never been higher, some members of the LGBT community still have a number of challenges unique to them. I help those within this community to work on social anxiety fears, lingering emotional trauma from childhood, and other problems that can hold individuals and couples back from enjoying their best possible life.

Codependency and Sex Addiction

One of my primary specialties lies in helping individuals transform their compulsive behaviors, while also counseling their partners who have been hurt, confused, or frustrated by them. Codependency involves a complex compulsion from individuals. They will work hard on chores, work tasks, or other problems, then feel (often) quietly resentful against those who did not “help.” Sex addiction has emerged in recent decades as one of the fastest growing threats to relationships. I help the addict to learn the sources of his or her compulsion to continually engage others in sexual situations online while also counseling their partner on how best to support their recovery. Call today to learn more about how I can help to mend your mind, soul, and relationships through experienced counseling services.